webinar journal

webinar notes 

I used the opening brain storming questions, but could have also provided guiding discussion questions at the end

I shared computer sound for genital music while waiting to begin and it work well.

I started pretty much on time 1:04 PM

Provided guidance on how to use the subtitles

Introduced the team

Included examples of the work we do in the webinar

Explicitly advertised the next webinar at the end

Provided links to all PFF services and resources

Action Items for the next webinar:

Make opening and ending activity slides the first slides you create so that you remember to have active participation.

I made a slide for the Poll and the first activity and that that reminded me to do it.

Perhaps also have something in the middle to brake up up the taking like a video, examples, or applied work.

I used 3 devices, one computer to present, one to view all the squares, and my phone to view the chat. This helped me to see what they see (second computer) and be involved with the chat without having my screen cluttered.

Standing-up really helped with the comfort, I am used to standing and talking to a group and using my hands while I talk I think is better. The room is still very flat so it is hard to get a read with participant audio and video off. I will need to think of more ways

opening activity 

application of information  

provide closing discussion questions.