I am a PhD student in health promotion science. I study health because it is an adventure. Almost everything effects health and that fact provides me the opportunity to be constantly challenged. Improving health requires the crossing of many disciplinary boundaries, drawing form many different fields of study and taking what is practical for applied research.

I am also interested in health because it is an evergreen, there will always be a need for health as long as we are flesh and blood, and maybe even after.


I am a teaching fellow bla blab la


My dissertation research is focused on the interplay between education and health.

As a teaching fellow I am immersed in the practice of teaching college students while also keeping current on learning theory and research as well as attending many teaching conferences. I work with a team of teaching scholars and to gather we are sharping are skills and are constantly testing new methods of course design and teaching practice.

I also work with a separate team of faculty researchers which includes my PhD advisor.

There we are working in a school district to address social-emotional health issues in